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Our respiratory care consulting services are specifically designed to assess Respiratory Care personnel, technology and logistics requirements and then assist managers in developing and implementing solutions. Varying staffing and service delivery requirements for Adult, Neonatal, Pediatric, Long Term Care and Outpatient modules require Unit Specific procedural formats, responsive service delivery systems and innovative problem solving approaches.

Experiences and Services

Addressing these healthcare staffing issues proactively can decrease overall organizational costs dramatically by decreasing morbidity, patient length of stay and patient/ventilator length of stay. We have the resources and experienced respiratory care consultants to assist you in identifying and developing opportunities to implement high quality, cost effective, delivery of patient care services.


Development and implementation of Service Delivery Lines


Modular Staffing development


Patient Care Delivery System Analysis


Developing Policy and Procedure Formats to support Service Delivery Lines


Traveler Services


Special Projects

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