BioMedical Services

Single-Source Solution

The Biomedical Sales & Services Division is your single-source solution for medical equipment technical service and support.

Blender Overhauls

All blenders are required to be overhauled and calibrated a minimum of every two years. Respitech overhauls several types of blenders including Bird big block units. Our blender overhauls include the following:


  • Complete disassembly and inspection of the blender.
  • All permanent parts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Reassemble the blender and install all new parts included in the PM kit.
  • Adjustment and calibration of the unit to meet all manufacturer specifications.
  • All calibrations are documented and filed at our facility.
  • All calibration data is included on the final service report.


Respitech repairs/replaces all types of flowmeters. We give quantity discounts for 10 or more units sent in simultaneously. If a flowmeter is unrepairable we will replace the flowmeter with a new unit, at the same price, if it is a standard 0-15 LPM air or oxygen unit. Repair of pediatric flowmeters will be evaluated and quoted prior to repair due to the higher cost of parts for those units.

We also service bourdon gauge flowmeters and the click style flowmeters. We also repair dual flowmeter assemblies, power take off units, and leaking neb blocks.

Suction Regulators

Respitech repairs most brands of standard and intermittent suction regulators. We disassemble, and clean each unit as per manufacturer specifications. Each unit is reassembled and bench tested for leaks and proper performance.


Respitech repairs most brands of fixed and variable regulators. The systems are disassembled, inspected and cleaned as necessary. Final calibrations are performed to ensure the accuracy of the units. We also perform service on most brands of bourdon gauge flowmeters.

For More Information

If you have a question about your equipment call our service department at (800) 399-0250 or contact remote support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.