Respiratory Staffing

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Respitech Medical, Inc. is a major provider of Respiratory Care Staffing and Respiratory Consulting Services. Since we began offering staffing services in 1998, our unique focus on the field of Respiratory Care has allowed us to develop a healthcare consulting & staffing firm that understands the complex needs of our clients and therapists, enabling us to be the most reliable source for supplemental Respiratory Therapy and patient care. We pride ourselves in providing premium consulting and staffing for healthcare jobs throughout the country.

We have in-depth experience with healthcare staffing Respiratory Care Services,Ventilator Unit Services and Consulting in a variety of settings which include:


Acute Care Hospitals- all areas including NICU, PICU and Emergency Room


Sub-acute facilities & Rehab Centers


Specialty Hospitals


Pediatric Rehab Centers


Skilled Nursing Units

Become A Part of Our Team

Our diverse Respiratory Care staff specializes in several areas of patient care including adult, geriatric, pediatric and neonatal respiratory care. We offer quality healthcare staffing, premium patient care, and ensure the best in Respiratory Therapy. Become a part of the Respitech Medical team!


Our respiratory care consulting services are specifically designed to assess Respiratory Care personnel, technology and logistics requirements and then assist managers in developing and implementing solutions.

Addressing these healthcare staffing issues proactively can decrease overall organizational costs dramatically by decreasing morbidity, patient length of stay and patient/ventilator length of stay. We have the resources and experienced respiratory care consultants to assist you in identifying and developing opportunities to implement high quality, cost effective, delivery of patient care services.