PFT Syringe Certifications

Certified for Accuracy

ATS standards require that PFT calibration syringes be certified annually for accuracy. Respitech takes the inconvenience out of this process. You can either send in your syringe to us to be certified or you can call us for a return merchandise authorization. We will than send you a rental syringe to use (if desired) along with a shipping call tag. Return your syringe in our protective box with the call tag, and we will certify it and return it to you along with a call tag for the final rental return shipment back to us.

We check each syringe for leaks and then perform flow and displacement checks on each one. We test the system with a calibrated rolling seal and with an NTSB traceable Fluke VT Plus HF system. A signed, dated certificate is returned with each syringe showing volume, traceable reference volume, and customer location.

Syringe Recertification:
$175.00 + Shipping

Loaner Syringe:
$35.00 + Shipping

Let Us Assist

Email support or call us 800.399.0250 for for more information or for a Return Merchandise Authorization number to return your syringe for certification, and order a loaner to be shipped if needed, while your unit is returned for certification.