Testing Supplies

Variety and Immediacy

Respitech Medical carries a wide variety of supplies and accessories for all your testing needs. Most available for immediate delivery.

Pulmonary Function Filters

We stock a huge selection of PFT Filters, Mouthpieces and Nose clips form the leading manufacturers. Most of our filters are available in Round, STD Elliptical, SM Elliptical, and Elliptical with/Lip. They come packaged alone and with nose clips and/or mouthpieces.

We also offer volume discounts, call us for details – 1.800.399.0250. 

PRI 756 Series – Fits all KoKo Spirometer Units, Trek, KoKo, KoKo SX
PRI 757 Series – Fits Sensormedic, Viasys
PRI 758 Series – Fits Collins CPL & GEM, nSpire HD2000,3000,4000
PRI 759 Series – Fits Morgan (with Patient Valve Bushing and Blue Adapter ++) Fits Vitalograph Pneumotrac, MIR & Microd
PRI 760 Series – Fits Medgraphics
PRI 780 Series – Fits Morgan Requires Morgan Patient Valve with Bushing Installed
PRI 790 Series – Fits Morgan Patient Valve (No Adapters) & Vitalograph Pneumotrac


PRI 754 – Mouthpiece, Flanged
PRI 750 – STD Nose clip
PRI 751 –  Marshmallow White Nose clip
V 1008 – Nose Clip Snuffer

Mouthpiece Types



Elliptical LipGrip

PRI 758W



KoKo Parts & Accessories

As authorized sales and service partner for KoKo, Respitech carries a full line of parts and accessories for the KoKo PFT systems (compatible with nSpire & Collins systems).Call customer service to order items or the Service Department to inquire about items not listed. 800-399-0250.

Balloon Refill Packs & Accessories

For CPL, GEM, Hawk, Owl, I-Flow, HD2000, HD3000 & HD4000.

#RMI K022356-10 (10 balloon sleeves and 30 o-rings)

Yellow GEM stem with white balloon
#COL 301307W

Blue GEM stem with white balloon
#COL 301308W

NOTE: Blue Balloons will work in place of white, Call for CPL valve stems. * Call to send in your stems, we will install new white balloons.

Call our service department for more information on balloon accessories, installation tolls, O-Ring picks, and lube.

E Cylinder System Gases

for Collins/nSpire/KoKo

GEM N20 washout Calibration Gas
5% CO2, 15% O2, Bal N20  

.3%CO, .3%CH4, 21% O2, Bal N2O
SG Z04NI785300C001

CPL Parts & Accessories

​Call our service department for the following items.

Nafion Drying Tube
#RMI PFT1006
Fits CPL, HD Serie

Hydrophobic Filter
# RMI SPEC17163E
Fits CPL, HD Series

 CPL Scrubber Cartridges
MRK 022556E (1)
MRK 022556 (Case of 6)

Refurbished CPL Bells
 RMI K700597R
(Requires trade in)

1 pound
RMI 2300

7″ Drierite
A 1531
for CPL

Interested in Our Testing Supplies?

Call our office to place an order or email to sales@respitech.com, our technical support team is available if you have questions about your supply needs.