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Respitech has a comprehensive service department that repairs a wide array of medical products. We also provide preventive maintenance and service contracts on all types of spirometers and PFT equipment including Morgan and and other PFT systems. We rebuild multi-gas analyzers. We can replace older Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers required for some of the older ISA PFT systems at greatly discounted prices.


Call or email us for quotes or any special products you may want us to service.





Flowmeters Suction Regulators Regulators VIVO40
Body Box
Collins & Nspire Systems
Syringe Certification
Suction Regs



Respitech Medical Sells and services all Morgan Equipment including the Body Box, Spiroair, Transair and the portable FVL and Pneumotrac systems. Morgan equipment is SQL based allowing for all devices to be connected to one server. Our IT department can provide service and training for these devices including setting up Server installations and product diagnostics and repairs.

We perform repairs, preventive maintenance and full service contracts as required. Email support or call us for more information.

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Body BoxSpiroairTransair 3


nSpire® and Collins®

We service nSpire PFT Systems HD2000, HD3000, HD4000, I-Flow and KoKo PX systems. Call our service deparment for parts. 800.399.0250.

Respitech services most Collins® equipment including the CPL (both ISA and USB), GS, Eagle, Hawk, Owl and other GEM units including Body Boxes and KoKo and Eaglet portable screeners. We also service some of the older Keystone and S&M units. Service contracts are available for Preventive Maintenance or FULL SERVICE to meet your needs.

We also rebuild MGA analyzers and CPL® "gold boxes" at a much reduced rate of most service outlets. We will exchange your dead MGA analyzer or exchange a complete gold box within 24 hours of receipt of purchase order or payment arrangements.

If your Raptor® computer is bad we can provide replacement computers for your older ISA type CPL® units and the newer USB type units.

NOTE: We have refurbished CPL® and GS® units available for sale. Email support for a list of refurbished units that are available or for more information.


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Blender Overhauls

All blenders are required to be overhauled and calibrated a minimum of every two years. Respitech overhauls several types of blenders including Bird big block units. See our list of blenders that we service here.

 Our blender overhauls include the following:

1. Complete disassembly and inspection of the blender.
2. All permanent parts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic cleaner.
3. Reassemble the blender and install all new parts included in the PM kit.
4. Adjustment and calibration of the unit to meet all manufacturer specifications.
5. All calibrations are documented and filed at our facility.
6. All calibration data is included on the final service report.

Email Support or call for more information.

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Calibration Syringes & Certifications

ATS standards require that PFT calibration syringes be certified annually for accuracy. Respitech takes the inconvenience out of this process. You can either send in your syringe to us to be certified or you can call us for a return merchandise authorization. We will than send you a rental syringe to use (if desired) along with a shipping call tag. Return your syringe in our protective box with the call tag, and we will certify it and return it to you along with a call tag for the final rental return shipment back to us.

We check each syringe for leaks and then perform flow and displacement checks on each one. We test the system with a calibrated rolling seal and with an NTSB traceable Fluke VT Plus HF system. A signed, dated certificate is returned with each syringe showing volume, traceable reference volume, and customer location.

Email support or call us 800.399.0250 for for more information or for a Return Merchandise Autorization number to return your syringe for certification, and order a loaner to be shipped if needed, while your unit is returned for certification.

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View Sample Certificate

Syringe Recertification: $125.00 + Shipping

Loaner Syringe: $35.00 + Shipping





Respitech repairs and calibrates all types of
Pulmonary spirometers including:

  • KoKo & KoKo SX Spirometers
  • Morgan Spirometers
  • Vitalograph Spirometers
  • MIR Spirometers
  • NDD Spirometers

Respitech provides repairs on older units that
may no longer be serviced by the manufacturer.

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KoKokoKo SX




Respitech repairs/replaces all types of flowmeters. We give quantity discounts for 10 or more units sent in simultaneously. If a flowmeter is unrepairable we will replace the flowmeter with a new unit, at the same price, if it is a standard 0-15 LPM air or oxygen unit.

Repair of pediatric flowmeters will be evaluated and quoted prior to repair due to the higher cost of parts for those units.

We also service bourdon gauge flowmeters and the click style flowmeters.

We also repair dual flowmeter assemblies, power take off units, and leaking neb blocks.

Email support or call us for more information.


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Flowmeter Flowmeters


Suction Regulators

Respitech repairs most brands of standard and intermittent suction regulators. We disassemble, and clean each unit as per manufacturer specifications. Each unit is reassembled and bench tested for leaks and proper performance. Email support or call us for more information.

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 Suction Suction 2Suction 3



Respitech repairs most brands of fixed and variable regulators. The systems are disassembled, inspected and cleaned as necessary. Final calibrations are performed to ensure the accuracy of the units.

We also perform service on most brands of bourdon gauge flowmeters.

Email support or call for more information.

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 Regulator   Gauge2  Gauge3


Breas VIVO 40

Respitech is a manufacturer certified dealer for repairing Breas VIVO 40 units. Our certified technicians utilize the Breas diagnostic service software computerized module to perform an extensive 20 point check. After the units are repaired they are checked again and all outputs are documented and printed. A manufacturer's diagnostic checklist is returned to the customer along with the unit.We perform both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Email Support for more information.


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Respitech Medical provides preventive maintenance and service agreements for all Morgan Equipment and old PFT systems. Our onsite territory is PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, VA, WV, DC and E OH.

  1. Annual standard PM agreement.
    This agreement includes installation of a complete PM kit into your PFT system. The PFT hardware and computer are cleaned, calibrated and tested for accuracy from the component level on up. A year of phone and remote support is included. (An Internet connection is required for remote support). Additional service calls will be billed at standard travel, parts, and labor cost.

  2. Annual comprehensive Full Service Agreement
    This agreement includes all the features of the above standard PM agreement plus 4 additional no charge service calls to include travel, parts and labor.

If you would like a quote for an unlisted product please call us or email support and include the item to be serviced, a contact name and phone number, your city and state.

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RMA (Return Merchandise Authorizations)

To obtain an RMA please call 800 399-0250 and request to speak with the service department.. We will take your information, determine the status of your product warranty, and issue an RMA for the return of your equipment.

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Respitech can certify the accuracy of the gas tubes in your equipment including most medical and industrial gas distrubution devices.

It is important to check the accuracy of your gas delivery instruments especially if they are used for gas delivery to patients.

Typical Office Nitrous Oxide Blender
Sample Gas Flow Calibration Report


Gas Tube VentSample Report

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Call for Pricing 800 399-0250 *


Blender Overhaul:
Bird Micro, Ohmeda, BMD
Bird “Big Block”
NOTE:  Big blocks are being phased out – trade in available.
Precision Medical 5200 and 5300
Sechrist “Big Block”
Sechrist “Micro”

Suction Regulators:  All Makes and Models
Continuous / Intermittent
NOTE:  If Ohmeda IVR if module is needed an additional fee will be acessed

Breas Medical  VIVO 40

CPAP and Bi-Level devices

Flowmeters (new flowmeter Installed)

Neb Blocks



Syringe 3 Liter Calibration (certificate provided)
LOANER Syringe

Spirometer Handles (KoKo and Vitalograph units)

Nonin Products ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Evaluate / Estimate

GENERAL REPAIRS (Including   PFT Equipment and Computers)*
Estimate / Evaluation (applied towards repair)
Service labor rate
Travel rate for onsite calls  


*Respitech repairs Morgan PFT Equipment, PFT equipment and can provide PM and/or Service agreements on many older PFT systems at a fixed cost.


If you have a question about your equipment call our service department at 800-399-0250

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