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Respitech Medical Inc.
250 Ranck Ave.
Lancaster PA 17602

Phone: 800-399-0250
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Respitech Medical is a privately owned medical supplier, and medical support and service company, located in the heart of beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The company has been serving the medical community for over 30 years, since it was founded in 1988.

Respitech sells innovative and specialized equipment, supplies and services, as well as technical support for medical equipment, in the Cardio-Respiratory, Pulmonary, Anesthesia, Neonatal Intensive  Careand Critical Care Specialty areas. We are a leader in medical distribution and support.

Our Biomedical Services Department provides preventive maintenance contracts and authorized service for Morgan, Collins and nSpire spirometers and and lung analyzers. We also repair many hospital devices. Click here to visit our Service Portal for more infomation. 

Since the company’s inception in 1988 additional services have become part of our offering portfolio.  One such service includes a comprehensive Biomedical Service for medical products including Pulmonary Function Equipment, Spirometry Equipment, Medical Fittings, Regulators, Pulse Oximeters, and other Diagnostic Specialty Equipment.  Respitech Medical, Inc., added a division to include the Diagnosis & Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing through our Clinical Services Department.  This department coordinates these contractual services with Hospitals and Clinics in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  In 2005, Respitech Medical, Inc., partnered with Sleep Disorder Associates of Lancaster to provide the Susquehanna Valley with state of the art Sleep Testing Facilities.  

Other specialty services provided by Respitech Medical, Inc., include Pulmonary Function Testing and Respirator Fit Testing for Industrial Locations as required by OSHA mandates that are performed by our trained Clinical Specialist.